The Products that are created under the Umbrella of 'Max Rebuilds' & 'Pushp' are exchanged with the 'Recyclables'. That is collected from Residential Societies/Offices/Industries/Schools/Institutions, etc. Recycling - A Necessity In these difficult times, Recycling ♻️ is not an option but a necessity. So in order to make your Recycling experience more exciting, we offer you a *100+ range of products that you can choose from to change* against the value of your Recyclables ♻️ *Stationery | Furnishings | Handbags | Planters | Glassware | Incense Dhoop | Home Necessities | Lights | Furniture* And most of these products are manufactured by women, underprivileged and specially-abled people. So you are not only contributing to saving Nature 🌱 but as well giving many people an opportunity to live a life full of dignity and pride. Happy Recycling ♻️ Team Max Xchange