CNN goes inside hospital on US-Mexico border

CNN's Kyung Lah goes inside a hospital near the US-Mexico border overwhelmed with coronavirus cases as the state records it's deadliest day since the start of the pandemic.

15 hours ago CNN

Mask Trump, unmask his taxes

If you apply for a federally backed mortgage, you must turn over your tax returns. If you are a minor applying for student loans you must turn over your (and your parents') tax returns. If you are being sued for divorce or over child support you m ...

17 hours ago CNN

GOP governor: I think Trump is confused

President Trump slammed the CDC's guidance for reopening schools, but Maryland's GOP Gov. Larry Hogan says the guidance was helpful and he believes Trump is confused about it.

20 hours ago CNN

Trump is now blocking most of the legal paths to US immigration

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, the Trump administration has steadily choked off most avenues for legal immigration to the United States -- effectively shutting down the system that brings in hundreds of thousands of immigrants annually.

22 hours ago CNN